Mask up


photo by Grace Edgeworth

Junior Audri Fleming poses in her handmade mask. Fleming has made a variety of masks for her and her family including both sunflowers themed and Halloween themed.

Some of 2020’s most common phrases are probably “wear a mask” and “social distancing.” Not only do masks and social-distancing protect you, but they also help protect others who may have an underlying illness. Even though these things have been proven to work, there are still a multitude of people who choose to put others at risk by ignoring these warnings. Therefore, I have decided to lay out some reasons to wear a mask that you may not have initially thought of.
The first unique pro to wearing a mask is their ability for self expression. With all sorts of different colors, patterns and logos, there are various options to choose from when picking out a mask. If there is a band you really like or food you love to eat, I bet you can find a mask that expresses those preferences.
Another great thing about masks is the way they cover your face. If worn properly, a mask can cover up some acne you are self-conscious about, or maybe a stray booger you haven’t noticed or even a piece of spinach stuck in your teeth from lunch. Whatever embarrassing thing it is, your mask can cover it.
With the colder weather, masks can also assist in warming your face. Personally I, and most Texans, are not used to the chilly weather we have had recently, but if I get cold, I can just put on my mask and my face and nose will be warm in no time.
Not only do masks help fight against COVID-19, but they help fight against the unpleasant smell of bad breath. No longer do I have to suffer treacherous conversations with someone who has bad breath. Instead, my mask protects my sniffer from the turpitude of bad breath. Also if I am the one suffering from bad breath, and I don’t have a piece of gum to counter it, I don’t have to worry about torturing others with my putrid smell.
Whether you choose to wear a mask to protect others, or choose to wear one to hide the food stuck in your teeth, it is important to understand wearing a mask is not a sign of weakness, but is important in order to protect yourself and others who may be more perceptible to falling ill to COVID-19.