Point/counterpoint: Candy corn

Andie San Luis

For candy corn

Candy corn is the single best fall candy. Its presence in supermarkets indicates the season of sweaters, colorful leaves and spooky surprises. It’s a treat that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and connects many to fall time childhood memories.

There are many reasons why candy corn is amazing; let’s start with the physical aspects. The smooth, chewy texture of candy corn is one of the components that makes it great. It creates a satisfying bite that releases the harmonizing flavors of sugar and corn syrup into your mouth. Its triangle shape and bright colors make it undeniably unique to any other candy, and its bite-size pieces, along with a firm outer coating, are mess-free and easy to consume. 

In addition to its great taste, candy corn is more than just sugar-shaped triangles. It’s also a nostalgic treat that reminds me of dressing up, taking my brother around the neighborhood and trading candy with him at the end of the night. These fond, sentimental memories make me enjoy eating candy corn even more as I’m reminded of my upbringing during the fall season. It’s not solely about the taste, but also the emotional weight carried by the vanilla aroma and sugary flavor.

All in all, candy corn is unrivaled when it comes to fall treats. It has a specific seasonality that makes it the most enjoyable during this time of the year, which only adds to its uniqueness. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s a treat that fills grocery store aisles year after year, is consumed by millions and offers sentimental value along with a unique, sweet taste. 


Henry Hays

Against candy corn 

In my search to relive the horror that is candy corn, I went to the grocery store to buy some. Not only was there none to be found, they weren’t even selling it. It took travelling to various locations before I found what I was looking for. Supermarkets choose not to sell candy corn, that’s how bad it is, but I digress. 

First, I’ll begin with the texture. The outside coating reminds me of the wax they use to wrap Babybel cheese. No one enjoys eating candy that feels like a candle. Once you get past the horrid outside, you are greeted by a sandy inside that is a reminder of poor childhood decisions. Why does the inside feel like a grainy mush? Who thought that was a good idea?

The main issue with candy corn is the taste. Halloween candy is diverse and provides a variety of flavors. Candy corn removes all of the delicious flavors and simply provides sugar. While sugar can be used in delicious things, no sane person eats a fistful of sugar. That’s basically what you are doing when you eat candy corn. All tasty elements are stripped away and you are left with overwhelmingly sugary, flavorless garbage.

Candy corn is undesirable on Halloween night. No one wants to get candy corn when they knock on someone’s door. Other candy is objectively better; Twix, Kit Kat, Skittles and more are all better than candy corn. The only thing less alluring to get in your bag is pretzels (stop handing out pretzels; it’s a disgrace to Halloween). Candy corn is so bad I’d rather have someone dump a can of real corn into my pillowcase – at least that way I can get some nutrition out of it. Although Halloween is filled with treats, getting candy corn is a trick.