Winter guard to record performance for virtual competitions Feb. 12


Photo by Andie San Luis

Color guard captain senior Karen Lopez catches her flag during class Feb. 5. Lopez has been a captain for two years and performed with the varsity group last year.

Winter guard will record its 2021 competitive shows for a variety of virtual contests on Feb. 12.

Winter guard is an indoor form of color guard, consisting of flags, rifles and other props. Rather than performing to a live band or music, they perform their shows to recorded tracks. 

“I think [the competition] will be different this year because in a recording, you get to really see everything as a judge,” assistant color guard director Sarah Hinderliter said. “You have two recordings, so you get to see different runs of the guard instead of one single time they perform.”

The guard will be entering in the 2021 Winter Guard International Virtual Season, along with North Texas Colorguard Association contests. 

“Trying to keep pushing through [has been our greatest challenge,]” color guard captain senior Karen Lopez said. “It’s hard to give the same energy [compared to] if we had a normal year. We need to have the mindset that we’re going to be the best that we can be this year, despite the circumstances.”

This year, instead of naming a varsity and junior varsity team, head director Justin Sullivan has decided to place students on the “blue” and “white” teams. The blue team’s show is entitled “Beside the Golden Door,” and the white team’s show, while still untitled, is being performed to Sleeping At Last’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.” 

“The blue team’s show is this new age, new generational way of ‘things aren’t going to be the way [they used to be,]’” Hinderliter said. “We have something to look forward to because there’s a new generation of students coming in every year, so that’s a good time for change.”

In addition to rehearsing during third period, the winter guard practices after school, with each team coming in on alternating days. The guard also has two Saturday rehearsals per month that are longer and more intense.

“Our six-hour practices on Saturdays [have been my favorite memory from this season,]” Lopez said. “I would normally dread a six-hour practice, but having everyone here [and] joking around makes it feel better.”

As the season progresses and more competition opportunities arise, the guard will re-record its shows in order to submit the most updated versions of their performance. 

“[The team is] doing great, this is the most successful year I’ve seen so far in terms of trying things and [just going for it,]” Hinderliter said. “It’s going to be a great season, all the kids are super excited for it, so [I have] high hopes.”