Hawks lose homecoming game against Marcus


Photo by Kate Knauff

Wide receiver Koda Bridges scores the Hawks’ first touchdown of the game with 2:40 left in the third quarter. Bridges had seven receptions with 143 receiving yards in the game.

After an undefeated run in four district games, Hebron lost the homecoming game 28 – 14 against Marcus, falling in district rank from first to third.

During the Marauders’ first drive, the Hawks’ defense appeared to get a stop, but due to a pass interference call, Marcus was given a second chance, which they capitalized on, scoring the first touchdown of the game. Marcus kicked an extra point, leaving the scoreboard at 7-0.
On offense, a Hebron drive stalled after a failed fourth-down conversion attempt when fullback Lincoln Carrizales got stuck right behind the line of scrimmage. Once again on defense, Hebron held Marcus back from scoring with a few strong tackles.

At the start of the second quarter, Hebron began to advance offensively, but Marcus’s defense was stronger, preventing the Hawks from gaining any yards before punting.
On the next drive, Marcus pushed past Hebron’s defense and made it all the way to the 6-yard line. Marcus threw two incomplete passes into the endzone and was forced to a 25-yard field goal, making the score 10-0.
With about six minutes left in the first half, Hebron was back on offense. They started out strong with an 8-yard pass to wide receiver Cobye Baldwin and a run by running back Fred Ware, which earned a first down, but the play was called back after a 10-yard penalty for holding. Buniff threw a long pass to wide receiver Micah Greene, but it fell incomplete. With another long pass, wide receiver Koda Bridges ran to the endzone and scored a touchdown, but another penalty was called, and Hebron failed to score.
With about four minutes left, Hebron’s defense pushed the Marauders back two yards, before free safety Owen Bodnar grabbed an interception.
With the clock running in the last three minutes, Hebron failed to advance the ball, and punted back to Marcus who was able to make it all the way to the one yard line. A sack by middle linebacker Carson Dean pushed the Marauders back to the 10-yard line, and the half ended with a Marcus field goal, leaving the score at 13-0.

Hebron started with the ball in the second half, but was forced to punt, and Marcus was able to return all the way to their 15-yard line. With this huge advancement, the Marauders scored their second touchdown of the game and a two-point conversion, leaving the score 21-0. After a long eight-minute drive, the Hawks were able to gain enough yards and first downs for their first touchdown, caught by Bridges, leaving Marcus in the lead, 21-7. With 2:27 left on the clock, the defense was able to keep Marcus from gaining any more points in the quarter.

Starting off the fourth quarter strong, the Hawks were able to obtain a first down on a few short passes. As they attempted to run the ball, Buniff fumbled and Marcus regained possession. Marcus scored a touchdown with a quick hand off. With 8:35 left in the game, Hebron trailed 28-7. With about three and a half minutes left in the game, Bridges was able to bring in a long pass from Buniff for another Hebron touchdown. The rest of the game, Hebron had unsuccessful attempts to prevent Marcus from scoring, which left the final scoreboard to read 28-14 with a Hawk loss.

The Hawks will play their next home game against Plano West on Friday.