Best “Monstober” reruns to watch this Halloween

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday of the year – everything from the candy to the costumes to the movies excites me, and one of my favorite Halloween traditions is watching the Disney Channel “Monstober” episodes. As someone who occasionally enjoys a spooky movie, but is frightened quite easily, these shows are perfect, combining a little bit of anticipation with the classic Disney Channel cringe. Here, I will be listing some of my personal favorite “Monstober” episodes:

“Jessie: The Whining” 10/10
“The Whining” is my all time favorite “Monstober” episode. I loved it as a kid, when it was actually scary to me, and I love it now. A parody of “The Shining,” “The Whining” takes the viewer on a rollercoaster of adrenaline and mystery as the main characters all experience spooky mishaps from ghostly twins to blood-looking punch stains. This episode is perfect for anyone who enjoys a bit of uneasiness with not too much gore or fright.

“Jessie: Ghost Bummers” 7/10
Much less scary than the other “Jessie” Halloween episodes, “Ghost Bummers” is a parody of “Ghostbusters.” In it, Jessie the nanny and her neighbor Mrs. Chesterfield both throw parties, but shortly into the party, some of the guests get haunted and ghosts are spotted. The guests and Jessie must become ghostbusters in order to eradicate the situation. Usually, if I watch this episode, it is more of an end-of-the-night showing because of the lack of spook.

“Shake It Up: Haunt It Up” 7/10
This is another episode that I re-watch every year. Although I think this is one of the lesser “Monstober” episodes, it is a pretty solid choice. In this special episode, dancers CeCe and Rocky decide to have a “matureoween” where they stay in, knit and watch sad movies. Meanwhile, Deuce, Flynn and Ty challenge each other to stay in a house they believe is haunted for four hours. This episode is much less frightening than “The Whining,” and it has a few puns that are just a little dry, but overall, this episode is worthwhile.

“A.N.T Farm: mutANT farm” 8/10
Even though I did not grow up loving “A.N.T. Farm,” I do really like this episode. In it, the main characters are monsters as a part of the “mutANT program.” They are forced to pair up with the normal kids to decorate and plan for the Halloween dance that was meant to be just for mutants, but after some of the normal students crash the dance, things change. Although this episode doesn’t have any really scary aspects, I love the creativity. It is really well thought out and grips the viewer.

“Good Luck Charlie: Scary Had a Little Lamb” 5/10
More odd than spooky, “Scary Had a Little Lamb” follows multiple storylines that are mostly based on the day after Halloween. In it, PJ alters his identity, Teddy and Ivy get revenge on someone who scared two-year-old Charlie and Gabe gets punked by his neighbor Mrs. Dabney. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed this show and episode both as a child and a somewhat adult, this one is not my favorite to watch on Halloween just because it is so childish. It also doesn’t have a very large Halloween focus, making this episode fairly mundane.

Bonus episode: “Jessie: Creepy Connie 3: The Creepening” 10/10
Although this episode was not a part of the “Monstober” specials, it is still one of my favorite creepy episodes. By now, you may have noticed that “Jessie” has been on this list a few times, and that is for a good reason. “Jessie” perfectly combines creepiness with that childish charm that all Disney movies and shows hold. This episode is the final episode in the “Creepy Connie” mini-series. In this episode, Luke meets a girl named Mad Mac, who creepy Connie hired to lead Luke on. After Jessie and Ravi get trapped on an elevator, Connie sets up an elaborate wedding and tricks Luke into attending. I have watched this episode on Halloween for the past few years just because of how perfectly it combines horror with humor.

No matter what your Halloween plans are, or what age you are, these shows are perfect for an amusingly spooky night.