“Red Notice:” the world’s most-wanted action movie

I’m a huge sucker for comedic action films. Netflix’s new movie, “Red Notice” released on Nov 12, featured Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, so I could not wait to watch it. I was excited to watch this movie until I saw the trailer, which I thought made the entire plot of the movie predictable. Although I had a negative mindset when turning on the movie, I have to admit that I was pleased at certain scenes, but still bored along the way. 

The movie focuses on FBI profiler, John Hartley (Johnson), who is trying to stop the world’s greatest art thief, Nolan Booth (Reynolds) from stealing all three of Cleopatra’s ancient karat gold eggs. Though John is seen leaving with the stolen egg, it is later shown that the real egg had been replaced with a replica by The Bishop (Gadot), Nolan’s number one competitor. The movie displays the forced partnership between Nolan and John as they compete with The Bishop to find the eggs and clear John’s name. 

Everything about this movie was basic. Reason No. 1: Nolan’s purpose for committing these crimes was, you guessed it, because of his estranged father. Reason No. 2: just as you would think Nolan and John are close, The Bishop would always show up. However, the most infuriating part of the movie was the obvious use of CGI and green screens. There were many parts where you could just tell that the characters were not really in the middle of the ocean or when a clearly-animated bull was charging toward them. 

Even though there were irritating parts of the movie, I believe that the plot benefited a lot from the comedic relief. My main motivation to finish the movie was the entertaining connection between the three main characters. Reynolds’s constant sarcastic comments combined with Johnson’s serious, but witty remarks made this duo more iconic than ever. However, my favorite part of the movie had to be the hilarious cameo made by Ed Sheeran. Seeing the ginger try to fight off the police with his guitar was something I never expected to see.  

Although this movie included some major dull moments, the comedy made it a pretty decent watch. If you have nothing else better to watch, this movie may fulfill your needs in terms of comedy and action. Even though it didn’t meet my expectations, this movie wasn’t a complete waste of my time.