A ‘Wild’ store in The Colony

I drive to the Target in The Colony at least once a week, and I have slowly watched the construction of an obscure orange building behind it progress over the last few months. Soon after it began, words appeared around the border of the roof, reading, “Lamb, Pork, Vegetables, Beef, Seafood, Specialty Meats, Desserts.” I’m sure you are thinking I’m writing about a restaurant, but no. 

Florida-based ‘Wild Fork,’ a grocery store, opened its first Texas location in Frisco a few months ago. Soon after, another orange building appeared on Josey Ln, across the street from Aldi. Going into the building, I was not expecting freezers lining the whole interior. And according to the manager I spoke to, not many customers expect it either. 

The store was broken into sections based on the type of food – desserts, seafood, poultry, fruits and many types of meat. As the manager gave me an unofficial tour of the store, it became clear that their specialty was fresh and organic meats. Some of the animals he showed off almost made me uncomfortable due to the great variety in sold organisms. Without going into too much detail, I will give examples of rabbits, whole pigs and alligator tenderloins. After seeing this, I almost thought I was the wrong person to be reviewing this store. But then I noticed the huge variety in foods they sold. 

Photo by Emma Short

I saw frozen strawberries, macarons, salad seasonings and turkey bacon throughout the store. I probably could have done most of my shopping here, if it wasn’t for everything being frozen. 

I enjoyed the environment of the store. There was music playing and a few shoppers were browsing. It was calming to walk around on my own, but also helpful when the manager walked me around. 

Although the focus of the store is on meat, the environment was calming and would really be enjoyable for anyone. The next time my mom is planning to make a nice steak or chicken meal, I will recommend we stop by ‘Wild Fork’ on our way to Target.