“Space Force” season two is a Big Bang


Photo via Netflix

“Space Force” season two was released Feb. 18 on Netflix. The comedy, starring Steve Carell, surprised me with its simple humor and intriguing plot.

The show follows Gen. Mark Naird (Steve Carell) as he leads the newest branch in the military: Space Force. After running into some international space issues in season one, Space Force’s budget is cut in half and Naird has four months to prove himself.

After barely being able to finish season one because of its lackluster comedy and confusing timeline, I was skeptical about season two. But as I was looking for a new quick comedy, I rediscovered the show and gave it a shot.

To my surprise, after only five minutes of watching, I was hooked. Although I barely remembered what happened in season one because of the show’s nearly two-year hiatus, I was able to quickly catch on after watching the season recap at the beginning.

This season gave each character more personality and focused more on each individual than it had previously, which allowed me to connect with the characters. When I finished the last episode, I was almost disappointed it was over because I had delved into the lives of the characters.

Since the storyline was chock-full of anticipation and drama, I was thoroughly intrigued. I think that is one of the reasons I was able to watch the entire season in one day. The story follows Naird and his struggles leading Space Force as well as the issues his staff and daughter face, including a romantic affair, outside job offers and attending college. Since there were so many well-kept storylines, I was constantly entertained.

The humor wasn’t bad either. Similar to “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation,” two of my favorite shows, the jokes were a lot less obvious. Nevertheless, I found myself chuckling quite a bit.

I am anticipating season three already, and I think “Space Force” is the perfect comedy for anyone looking for a short-episode show to get into.