Hawk Theatre Company to perform Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind


The Hawk Theatre Company will perform the 2nd annual play, Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, on May 2 to 4, a show where the cast members attempt to perform 30 short plays in 60 minutes.


After last year’s performance, it was decided that Too Much Light would be the annual end-of -year show. Sixty short plays have been selected for May 2 and 3. May 4, dubbed “Allstar Night,” will choose 30 of the best plays based on the two performances.


“My favorite thing about this show is the variety,” theatre director Ryan Heitzman said. “This is a show unlike any other show, a show where anything can happen.”


The show features quirky and humorous oddities not found in typical shows, such as rolling a dice to decide your individual admission fee, audience participation and the fact the shows are pulled at random off a clothesline, meaning the cast members have no idea when their show will be called.


“[The show] is a lot of fun,” sophomore Krishna Nair said. “This is my second year performing in it. It’s a lot of fun to just go on stage and perform because we don’t know what [order] the plays will be called in, and that creates a really energetic and fun atmosphere.”


In addition to Encore and Bravo, all three branches of the Hawk Theatre Company will participate in this end of the year showcase, including the freshman class.


“This is my first year performing,” freshman Michelle Arriaga said. “It’s a very unique experience and is very fun to be a part of.”