Hawk Activity Center in process of construction


Photo by Aparnna Manoj

Arena in process of construction.

The first steps of construction of the Hawk Activity Center have begun. The Hawk Activity Center is part of the $700 million 2017 bond package allowing upgrades across the district.

The activity center is predicted to be finished by the school year of 2020 or 2021. The activity center, informally called the arena, will be located where the present tennis courts are.

“They’re already starting the process of doing the construction,” Finch said. “We have to build tennis courts where one of the football practice fields is right now, so we can tear the old ones down and start taking advantage of the space where the current tennis courts are. It’s kind of a step process to get to that, so it’s going to be at least two years from now before it’s finished.”

Part of the bond package was aimed to help the school upgrade various parts of the campus and add new materials that it has been lacking.

“We have been without some things that some of our sister schools have,” principal Scot Finch said. “They’ve had an activity center for a while now, for several years. They have black boxes for theater arts, they’ve got extra classrooms for theatre arts, they’ve got larger band halls than we do, so it’s just trying to bring us up to whatever everybody else has.”

One of the biggest upgrades Hebron will be getting is a new indoor arena, called the Hawk Activity Center, which will feature an indoor weight room, workout facility and drop down screens on either side of the facility. The activity center is designed to hold over 2,000 students.

“[We’ll be able to do] some of the things we normally do in the gymnasium, such as sports and those kinds of things, in the activity center,” Finch said. “It will be able to hold more students in there, so maybe the setup we had when Mr. Houston Kraft came and some other big assemblies can be held there in the future.”