JSA holding food drive for federal workers


Photo by Yusra Waris

A collection of flyers and North Texas Food Bank provided cardboard boxes.

Junior State of America (JSA) is raising food essentials until Feb. 8 for workers impacted by the government shutdown. All goods will be collected by second period teachers; the top two classes that raise the most materials will win baked goods.

The government temporarily reopened on Jan. 25 after being shutdown on Dec. 22 with over 420,000 federal workers, according to CBS news, working without pay.

“It really bothers me that so many federal workers are having to go [without] pay for so long for something that isn’t their fault,” JSA president Sanjana Yadav said. “And I hope that through this drive we can help them through this difficult time.”

All collected materials will be donated to North Texas Food Bank, which has been active in supporting those affected by the shutdown through services like providing nutritious food to federal employees at the Dallas Fort/Worth and Love Field airports.

Although the government has temporarily reopened, Yadav said students should still contribute to the drive to help with recovery.

“The resolution that [the government] passed is only valid until Feb. 15 so the government could shutdown [again] after that,” Yadav said. “Even if it doesn’t, a lot of the federal workers haven’t been paid for almost a month and it takes a while for them to recover so drive will still help them get back on their feet.”