LEF awards 59 scholarships to Hebron seniors


Senior Lucas Gates poses with Carl Buck at the LEF ceremony.

This year, graduating Hebron seniors were awarded 59 scholarships valued at $40,000 by the Lewisville Education Foundation.

“The Lewisville Education Foundation Scholarships are scholarships that are set up through LISD, community organizations, or school organizations that set aside funds for scholarships,” counselor Latasha Rayford said. “They use that so that those scholarships can be reviewed by a non-biased panel of people, and the scholarships can be awarded to the best applicants.”

The foundation was created to support excellence in education by giving funds to students and projects that would otherwise have no funds available.

“I think it’s really important because the cost of education is going up so much, so every little bit helps whether it’s to help pay for your books or part of your tuition,” Rayford said. “It’s something I think is really great what the LEF is doing. By doing it in this format, where it’s unbiased, you don’t have to worry about someone getting it just because their parent was on that committee or something like that.”

Senior Lucas Gates was a recipient of the Carl and Patsy Buck Honorary Scholarship and earned $3,000, the highest amount of scholarship given to a Hebron recipient this year.

“I was expecting literally nothing after all of my other scholarships turned up blank,” Gates said. “It’s the only thing I won. I was happy and honored that Mr. Buck thought I was the best student out of the huge pool of amazing candidates to win the award.”