Football to play seventh annual spring game


The football team lines up to snap the ball during a spring football practice after school on May 8. The teams will scrimmage each other during the spring game on Wednesday at 7 p.m..

The seventh annual spring game will be held on Wednesday in Hawk Stadium. The JV game will start at 5 p.m. and the varsity game will be at 7 p.m..

“The spring game is where we take our teams that have been going through spring practice and divide them up,” head football coach Brian Brazil said. “We have our coaches go through a draft like the NFL draft, and we draft every player and put each on a team.”

The purpose of the spring game is for the players to earn their spot for next year as coaches are currently assembling the teams. Quarterback Carson Harris said this is so they can immediately jump into practice when the next season starts.

“The fun thing about the spring game is seeing who’s going to step up and [make the fans go] ‘wow, that kid really made some nice plays,’” Brazil said. “We’ll find out [which players to look out for] whenever the spring game [happens] because it is the last live opportunity for somebody to show up and do some great things. The spring game is trying to find somebody who maybe we haven’t noticed as strongly yet. It makes us have to rethink [placement on the team].”

The spring game represents the end of the season: while fall practice is for preparation against another opponent, Brazil said that the upcoming game is a glorified scrimmage within the team.

“It’s the end of spring football practice,” Brazil said. “The spring game [represents that practice] is over because we don’t play another opponent. It’s just practice, and everything we do in practice right now is in preparation for the 2019 season which starts in August.”

Many team members are returning from last year, and for Harris, a returning quarterback, this upcoming season means he needs to take lead.

“As a quarterback that is returning this year, I think I have more of a leadership role this year like staying positive and keeping people up and making sure [the younger guys] are ready to go,” Harris said. “I’ve played in the spring game for the past two years, and they’ve always gone pretty good. My expectations this year are just the offensively for us to be efficient with the ball and move the ball and complete the ball.”