Breaking New Ground

Phase one of new Hawk Activity Center begins


photo by Yasmin Haq

A construction worker drills holes in cement to lay a metal foundation on August 8th. Construction began at the end of the last school year.

Pogue Construction Company began work at the school to implement projects from LISD’s 2017 bond package plan at the beginning of summer. 

The first step was the demolition on the old practice field. When students returned back to school they were met with limited parking, construction workers, and piles of dirt all over the school campus on August 13. 

Despite knowledge of the Hawk Activity Center being in the 2017 Bond Package that LISD residents voted for, senior Merideth Carroll said she was surprised to find out the construction would impact parking.

“I was upset when I found out that there was no reserved and painted parking for this year,” senior Merideth Carroll said. “I’ve been looking forward to having a painted spot for a long time, so that was a big disappointment.”  

Principal Amy Boughton said she expected the emotional reactions from students and parents toward the lack of parking.

“Becoming a senior and getting the seniority to have a reserved spot or have a painted spot is important,” Boughton said. “That was important to me when I was a senior. I hate that we just don’t have the ability to ensure that you’d have a spot all year, but it was more my priority to communicate with everyone and get the information out so people could start processing it.”

Right now, they are in phase one of construction. Hebron is having 12 new tennis courts and two new practice fields built. In phase two of the construction, the old tennis courts will go under demolition and then they will start construction of the new Hawk Activity Center. Included in the Hawk Activity Center there will be a new arena, a new indoor practice facility, a weight room, and locker rooms.

“There’s going to be a lot of pride in that facility,” Boughton said. “I’m excited for our student body – we’re going to be able to get more kids into the pep rallies. From looking at the plans, the space in front is going to be beautiful. It’s going to be a real community-centered place.”

All construction is set to be finished December 2020, if the weather cooperates.

“The payoff will be outstanding,” Boughton said. “It’s going to be the best activity center in the district.”