Hawk Theater Company to perform improv show


Photo by Arisha Hirji

Sophomore Cate Garcia yells at freshman Jacob Martin as they practice for the upcoming improv show. Every block lunch, the cast practices for both blocks in order to prepare for the show in time.

Hawk Theatre Company will perform its spring improv show on Feb. 4 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium.

Tickets will be purchased at the door for $5. Theater department president Krishna Nair said he enjoys doing improv because he gets to be himself and try new techniques.

“It’s just fun to be on stage and have the chance to express my feelings and play around with different things,” Nair said. “Improv is like the basics of acting. If you can improv, then you will do well in the whole process of acting.”

Nair said improv has a lot of different aspects and skills to it. He said he has to get the basics down and build a story off of that.

“It’s basically like a game of yes and no,” Nair said. “You just want to play around with different objectives. You need to have a beginning, middle and end. Then, when you hit the climax, you need to wrap it up or else the scene will die off.”

Hawk Theatre Company has been busy with producing “The Little Mermaid,” which wrapped up Jan. 26. Nair said that even with limited time, everyone has tried to squeeze in as many rehearsals as possible.

“We haven’t really rehearsed since our last improv show, but it’s fine because it’s improv, and we just have to go over the games a little bit,” Nair said. “We have been doing as many rehearsals as we can, and I feel confident. We just have to go on stage and do our best.”