FCA unable to hold meetings due to safety protocols

Photo via FCA.org

Photo via FCA.org

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a club designed to allow athletes and coaches share their faith. The club allows anyone to participate and hear the messages they have to share. Baseball coach Steve Stone has been a sponsor for the organization in previous years, along with football coach Brian Brazil.


“Unfortunately, we have not gotten FCA off the ground this school year,” Stone said. “It breaks my heart that we are in a holding pattern with FCA.”


FCA previously met every Friday during block lunch. Now, due to level orange safety protocols, the club has not been able to hold meetings.


“I believe we would be allowed to meet before or after school as long as we followed the Orange Level safety protocols,” Stone said. “But, as a coach, my before and after school time is already spoken for with my coaching duties.”


The meetings are usually led by the organization’s student officers. Officers would previously contact guest speakers, usually teachers or pastors from local churches, to speak to the members at the meetings.


“[There are plans to have FCA in upcoming years,] this is the first time in my 32 year career that FCA wasn’t a weekly activity,” Stone said. “Typically, we get our leaders lined up at the end of a school year. But last year we were not able to do that because of the way last school year ended.”


With the absence of FCA, Stone encourages members to continue to live their lives with faith despite the absence of the club.


“My encouragement [to the members] would be to live their lives in such a way that others see Christ in them,” Stone said. “This pandemic cannot stop God from moving. We all have a responsibility to individually live our faith so that Christ becomes more attractive to those that we see on a daily and weekly basis.”