Student council plans for next school year


Photo by Sarosh Ismail

Having chosen new officers, student council has been planning for next year’s homecoming and school events as the school year comes to an end.

“We are hoping to get a homecoming back,” next year’s student council president Paige Zagumny said. “We don’t know what the situation with COVID is going to be like next year, but we are still hopeful. We have been planning to have a lot more sports events and fun activities for everyone to show off their school spirit. We missed out on a lot of that this year, so we want to make up for it next year.”

Due to several safety restrictions, student council had to put a hold on several school events like homecoming, donation drives and games this year.

“For next year I’m excited to see things be different,” next year’s student council vice president Morgan Smith said. “This year, we were limited to the activities and events we got to do. We didn’t get to do the usual things that we have been doing for the past couple of years, which was upsetting. We will have more officers next year, so I’m excited to see what we can do.”

With the removal of block lunch and COVID-19 restrictions, student council hosted all of its meetings virtually.

“It was hard not being able to meet in person with any of the members,” Zagumny said. “We only held a few events, and all meetings were virtual. The only thing that we had was homecoming decorating, which also had to be regulated a lot to follow COVID guidelines and make sure everyone was safe.”

As more students and staff continue to get vaccinated, club sponsor Jennifer Russell said she hopes to have in-person meetings and more activities for next year.

“It will be nice to have an actual meeting where hopefully everyone can attend,” Russell said. “I am just excited to do homecoming and the possibility of an actual dance, [even if] it’s a reduced number. I am looking forward to people being able to participate and make the best out of everything, and hopefully, things will start to feel normal again.”

Student council had a big decrease in members this year, so the officers hope to increase overall membership for the next school year as more students return to in-person school.

“Student council is here to represent the student body, so we would love to have as many students included as possible so everybody feels like they have a voice in what goes on in the campus,” Russell said. “Especially since a lot of students have been all virtual for the past year, being a member could help make students feel more comfortable on campus after being gone for so long.”