Upcoming events in Carrollton

Carrollton will hold its 3rd annual “World of Foodies” event, a local event featuring the flavors of various cultures and nationalities, this Saturday, from 3 – 9 p.m. The food fest will be held in Historic Downtown Carrollton.

Photo via Carrollton

Cultures represented at the event include Caribbean, German, Mexican, Salvadoran and Texas barbecue cuisines. As a celebration of flavors from around the globe, the “World of Foodies” event will have many vendors selling delectable foods such as pulled pork, Salvadoran pupusas and German bratwursts and pretzels.

In addition to food options, activities such as cultural yard games, Faberge egg crafts and origami will take place throughout the six-hour event. 

“[This] event seeks to celebrate cultures from around the world through food, crafts, games and live performances,” “World of Foodies” head organizer Roman May said. “We hope this event exposes our community to new things and fosters deeper appreciation for the diversity we have in our own region.”

Event entertainment will include performances by Grace Hula, the Mariachi Quetzal, the Music Ministry Conservatory, Loteria and Kamica King. Due to the stimulation of this event, there will be a sensory-friendly tent for people to rest away from the crowd.

“We are looking forward to providing a place for people from all over the [Dallas/Fort Worth] area to come and experience the tastes, sounds and sights of cultures around the world,” May said, “Food, music and activities are a great way to bring people together to create community.”



Carrollton will host its 3rd annual Glow Run on Sept. 25. The 5K begins at 8:30 p.m. and the 1-mile begins at 8:40 p.m.

Photo via Carrollton

“The Glow Run will have cool new glow and light features throughout the race,” ‘Glow Run organizer Kyla Pruitt said. “It’s not really complex: it’s a 5K, but it’s more about the experience than the race itself.”

The two runs will include everything from various glowing lights to glow gear participants will receive prior to the beginning of the race. With both a 5K and a mile, the run provides opportunities for both people who want a challenge and people who would like a relaxing mile. 

“Last year we split the race into four parts, while this year we will be running the race all at one time,” Pruitt said. “We will still encourage people to social distance during the event.”

The event will have a DJ and photo booth available before and after the run for those who participate. After running, participants can go back over to the tent and keep dancing or take a break and relax. The next event will be held Oct. 16; it’s called the “Perry Pumpkin Patch.”