Hebron Theatre to hold musical auditions for “Legally Blonde” Sept. 21-22

Hebron Theatre will be holding musical auditions for “Legally Blonde” in the auditorium on Sept. 21-22 after school. 

“There [are] several lead characters, supporting roles and an ensemble that kids can try out for, so there’s a lot of opportunities for the students,” assistant choir director Nathan Ratliff said.

As class begins, Hebron Theatre begins to warm up and run through their lines. (Photo by Hyunsol Lim)

Dance auditions will take place on Sept. 21, while singing auditions will take place on Sept. 22. The final round of the audition process, callbacks, will take place on Sept. 23. The theater Canvas course includes more information and requirements about the auditions.

“Most of the time, you don’t really know what you’re looking forward to until you see it during the auditions.” head theatre director Scott Crew said. “But, just knowing the technical mechanics of being in a musical is the basic criteria.”  

“Legally Blonde” tells the narrative of Elle Woods, who has everything a girl could want in life, including her boyfriend Warner Huntington III. However, her boyfriend dumps her because she is “too blonde.” Elle decides to defy the stereotypes that surround her and works in order to gain admission to Harvard. The musical “Legally Blonde” is a high-energy production that demonstrates to the audience that not everyone is who they appear to be.

“People [who] have a lot of charisma, energy and excitement are what we need for the musical because it is a very high-energy show,” Crew said. “When people come to audition, it’s very important that they remember this musical is a time commitment and that there are going to be many rehearsals after school.”

“Legally Blonde” is expected to premiere around the end of January 2022. Students do not have to be in theater or choir to audition for the musical, and the directors highly encourage everyone to audition for the musical. 

“Every year, we pride ourselves [on making] sure that this audition is open to everybody [at the school], and we’re really proud of the fact that it becomes a Hebron musical rather than a Hebron Theatre musical,” Ratliff said. “We’re looking for anybody and everybody that wants to come in and give it a shot, and I can tell you from having choir kids that are more introverted, that when they have finally gone through the process and possibly make the show, it’s really a life-changing experience for them.”