Hebron’s anime club is back


Faith Rizzo

Anime club members pose for a picture after a meeting in the library. They meet every Tuesday in the 9th Grade Center library.

Hebron has many clubs for students to choose from, such as the gardening club for plant-lovers and the Harry Potter club for Hogwarts-lovers. Several clubs were shut down because of COVID-19, but now that regulations have been lifted, some of those clubs are returning. One of this year’s returning clubs is the anime club. Whether your favorite anime is “Haikyuu!!,” “Wonder Egg Priority,” or even “Attack On Titan,” this club is definitely the place to be. The school had an anime club before this year, which had less than 20 people, but it ended after COVID-19 began. 

“I remember talking about wanting to start a club and [I got] these questions [like] ‘is there not one?’, ‘Has there ever been one?’” club sponsor William Applewhite said. “If we didn’t have one, then I should have that club.”

Applewhite sponsors the club meetings, which take place after school on Tuesdays. During those meetings, the club members talk about opinions on certain shows and which characters are better, take trivia quizzes and make friendships based off of other similar interests.

“The environment is very chaotic, but everybody is enjoying their time, so [there is] no need to worry [about things getting out of control]” co-president Logan Hoang said. “We just hang out in the library and watch anime, discuss what we’ll do for future plans, etcetera.”

Caption: Co-president Logan Hoang (left), club sponsor William Applewhite (center) and co-president Gina Pham (right) are leading anime club this year.

Anime club has over 35 members, making it one of the biggest clubs at Hebron. Mainly made up of freshmen, with most members going to the main campus next year, the club may grow even bigger. Hoang and freshman Gina Pham are co-presidents of the anime club, and freshman Ace Serrano is secretary.

“Being president just means gathering everybody up and asking about things to make anime club better,” Hoang said. “It isn’t just me giving orders, it’s listening to what others want to do in order to make [the] club better for everyone.”

Applewhite said he was not expecting this many members and is overjoyed that so many students were interested in joining the anime club.

“The best part about anime club is that now it’s just open to anyone in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade who want to come,” Applewhite said. “Everybody else in the club is wanting to reach out, because there are tons of people who enjoy anime, and we want them to know that they are welcome.”