Hebron Theater to perform “Edward Tulane” March 30


Krista Fleming

Junior Jaxon Ryan (left), senior Madelyn Arriola (middle) and junior Kyler Beck (right) rehearse for their upcoming performance, “Edward Tulane,” on March 30.

Hebron Theater will perform its One Act play, “Edward Tulane,” on March 30 in the auditorium at 7 p.m with a $5 admission fee. The performance was originally performed for UIL, with a public performance for parents prior, and has been worked on since the beginning of February.

“[Edward Tulane] goes through all these experiences, and it’s supposed to tell [the audience] that life is a journey, and when the journey is through, you’ll [come out] a better person,” head director Scott Crew said. 

The story revolves around Edward Tulane (played by junior Kyler Beck), a stuffed rabbit who gets separated from his original owner and goes on to experience many more before finally reconnecting with the original owner, a little girl who received the rabbit as a gift in the past and lost him at sea. Throughout the story, Edward meets a variety of characters and adopts different roles in doing so, such as a scarecrow for an old woman and a dancing rabbit for a little boy and his dying sister. 

“This play [is an] environmental type of play and most of the actors have never done that before,” Crew said. “So for them, that was most likely a challenge.”

The play was originally an old children’s story and was meant for readers to view the experience of life through Edward’s eyes as the plot progresses. 

“This is [the] tenth One Act play I’ve directed, and out of all, [this play] is the best acted play and my favorite [that] I’ve directed,” Crew said.