Student council to hold Operation Kindness drive through April 18

Student council is holding a drive for pet items through April 18 to support Operation Kindness. A variety of pet products will be accepted and can be donated to the box outside of room 1110. 

“We’re collecting items like dry or wet foods, blankets, reusable bags, cages and a variety of different items,” student council junior officer Josh Park said. “We encourage everyone to donate if possible.” 

Operation Kindness is a no-kill animal shelter founded with the intention of providing assistance for animals in need. Park said the student council chose this organization specifically because of their successful collaboration in the past.

“We have held similar drives for Operation Kindness in the past, and they’ve been successful, so we’re trying to recreate that success,” Park said. “Operation Kindness is also very close to us, and we wanted to support a local organization.” 

Park said student council hopes to make a significant impact through donations collected. 

“Many animals are not as blessed as the ones we have in our home, so we wanted to host a drive to help tackle this,” Park said. “The proceeds from this drive will be very beneficial for these dogs and cats in need.” 

Park said another incentive for students to donate is the ability to receive NHS hours and student council points.

“As long as you put it under the ‘other hours’ category [for NHS], they should accept it,” Park said. “You can also get a lot of student council points. I know seniors are trying to get a [student council] cord for graduation, so if you’re short of any points, donating is a great way to get them.”