Orchestra to hold cluster concert Oct. 20


Hannah Mathew

Senior bassists Daniel Abraham and Jordyn Stovall-Finch play with the chamber orchestra on Oct.13. The group played through their pieces for Texas Music Educators Association before playing through their cluster concert music.

Orchestra will hold its annual cluster concert on Oct. 20 in the big gym at 7 p.m. This year’s theme is “Rawk the Hawk.” The concert will last until 8 p.m. and will feature Hebron’s four orchestras as well as the middle school beginner, intermediate and varsity players.

“[This concert will] show [younger] students where they can go with their instruments,” senior orchestra president Daniel Abraham said. “It also [reminds] the older students where they came from.”

The rock-pop theme will be represented among both middle and high school orchestras as they perform classic and popular songs of the genre. The middle school repertoire is composed of light and energetic pop: the beginners will play music from their guide book, intermediate players play a piece called “Sparkle” and varsity players play “Dance Monkey” and “Dark Horse.”’

“It’s very exciting, but at the same time, it’s a little worrying because [the middle schoolers can be very] chaotic and crazy, [but] a lot of fun,” Creek Valley Middle School orchestra director Jahee Kong said. “But now [the middle school group] is even bigger, [so hearing them play together] as a big group is going to be really great.”

Hebron has opted toward a program with more classic rock, and upholds a tradition of playing with beginners. As the orchestra works toward its annual concert, the four schools make adjustments to fit everyone into the performance. The orchestra and its feeders have around 500 students total, which has led to some adjustments for the concert arrangement.

“Our orchestra program is at its largest right now,” Kong said “[Because of the amount of people,] we got rid of all the chairs for violins and violas [because there is not enough space,] so they are standing [for the concert.]”

Hebron orchestra director Matthew Cautivar said the concert is set to be a milestone for all the groups, as it represents every level of age, skill and progress.

“It’s a great experience for everyone,” Cautivar said. “Part of what we want to show with the cluster concert is the orchestra program [has people in a playing range of one to] seven years. For our seniors, this is [their] last cluster concert. It’s a chance to reflect on the journey that they’ve gone on as musicians from seven years ago to where they are now.”