NEHS resumes chapter after two-year hiatus


Henry Pham

National English Honor Society sponsor Kaysi Sheehan hands out acceptance letters to new members during the organization’s first meeting on Oct. 26.

National English Honor Society (NEHS) resumed its chapter after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19 with a new sponsor, English II teacher Kaysi Sheehan. During the organization’s first meeting on Oct. 26, Sheehan welcomed new members with acceptance letters and introduced what being a part of the organization entails. 

“This is our second time [starting],” Sheehan said. “Our first chapter existed during [the] 18-19 school year. Then, COVID happened in the 19-20 school year. It just kept getting put on the backburner, [and] it was hard to run a club during the pandemic. [Now] we are finally up and running again.”

Sheehan said she felt as though English needed to be represented in its own honor society due to other core subjects having one. With NEHS, Sheehan wants to create a safe space through the organization for students to appreciate reading, literature and the arts.

“We have an honors society for most other subjects,” Sheehan said. “It was important to me that English was represented to give kids a space who really enjoy literature and the arts associated with it.”

Junior Manushri Malkapurapu was one of the presidential candidates who ran for office. Motivated to join by her love for reading, Malkapurapu wants to encourage a love for English through participating in service activities and by being a representative of the organization.

“Growing up, I used to read a lot,” Malkapurapu said. “I’ve learned to appreciate English and the language for what it is. I want to encourage people to read more, watch more plays and be able to understand the language for what it is. We all have voices and opinions – it’s important to share them.”

Due to a late start in the year, NEHS was unable to participate in earlier literary events such as Banned Book Week. However, Sheehan has already planned events for the club to participate in until the end of the school year. 

“I know for sure we are going to have a huge push for poetry things during April for National Poetry Month,” Sheehan said. “Just trying to get through this semester and really kick things off next semester once we have officers.” 

Junior Rida Jailani recently joined as a member and is looking forward to future service opportunities and meeting like-minded individuals who appreciate literature.

“I really hope to gain diverse service opportunities and exposure to different types of literature,” Jailani said. “I really love reading and writing. English is a way to express yourself and your feelings – it’s having [the] power to be able to convey your own ideas. That’s a really important tool that everyone can learn and enhance through English.”