Student Health and Wellness Fair to be held March 9


Photo via Stephanie Bañuelos

Students surround the aromatherapy station at last year’s Student Health and Wellness Fair on April 1. This was one of the many vendors that were lined up in the main hall for the event.

The Student Health and Wellness Fair, coordinated by connects liaison Kari Perkins and student assistance counselor Stephanie Bañuelos, will be held March 9 during third period in the main hallway.

“Most of our students are caught up in their daily lives,” Perkins said. “They forget the benefits of [having good] mental health, and [the Student Health and Wellness Fair is] a great way to remind them and give them some different tools.”

There will be approximately 20 stations led by people who work in the district and outside agencies. Each vendor will provide safe healthy coping mechanisms for students and will have an activity for students to do. 

“I believe I don’t have safe coping mechanisms,” sophomore Amy Leon said. “I don’t think it’s taught [well] enough. We do have advisory lessons that go over them, but overall, mental health is a hard thing to deal with on your own. Even if you have friends or family members, it’s still something personal that you need to learn to deal with. It’s hard.” 

One of the vendors is You Are The Difference, a company that’s goal is to spread kindness through programs and individuals. 

“I want the students to understand their role in society as an individual and how they can contribute to the people around them, in a good way or a bad way,” said Tennille Massingale, a kindness ambassador at You Are The Difference. [I want them to learn] how they can make someone stay, how they can make someone smile, how they can encourage their peers or teachers, just with kindness.” 

Photo via Tennille Massingale Kindness ambassador Tennille Massingale represents You Are The Difference at the Student Health and Wellness Fair last school year. The company encourages kindness to individuals, and will be attending this year’s fair as well.

Another vendor attending the fair is Connections Wellness Group, a company that focuses on body image and how people can look at themselves in a healthy way. 

“We will have some giveaways for students [at our table] to take with them,” said Martha Valles, a clinical liaison at Connections Wellness Group. “The presentation will be a quick come and go. [We will give] Scooby Doo graham cracker treats [for the students].” 

This will be Hebron’s second time hosting the fair since COVID-19 put a hold on the event for a few years. 

“I’m excited for all the students to be excited,” Bañuelos said. “I look forward to the students, when they get to see [all the vendors] lined up. It is just something new, and [they get] to learn something new. [Students get to] experience something different during their lunch time, which is always helpful.”