Circling around the senior trip


Saahir Mawani

The senior class of 2023 will be going to Circle R. Ranch in Flower Mound, for the annual senior field trip on May 20. “You get to eat some food, hang out with friends and just be outside during the school day,” senior class sponsor Sarah Asmar said.

 The senior class of 2023 will be going to Circle R. Ranch in Flower Mound for the annual senior field trip May 20. They will leave at the beginning of the day and return before the school day is over, the estimated time frame being 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“I’ve been [comparing the trip to] a giant field day off campus,” algebra II teacher and senior class sponsor Sarah Asmar said. “You get to eat some food, hang out with friends and just be outside during the school day. You can play as many games as you want. There’s sand volleyball and soccer, but there’s also space inside to play games, so [the seniors] can bring their own games as well.” 

In previous years, Hebron has had its senior trips at Six Flags, while other LISD high schools, such as Flower Mound, Lewisville and Marcus, have been using Circle R. Ranch. The reason of the switch to the ranch is because of last year’s trip to Six Flags, which had multiple safety and logistical issues.

“Last year, basically everybody in the metroplex ended up at Six Flags on the exact same day,” Asmar said. “[The school] just thought it was unfair for the students who paid to go on this trip to stand in lines for hours. Some students only got to ride one ride and had to wait three hours for food, which ruined the entire experience.” 

Safety has been a concern following the events of the past senior trip. There were logistical issues with transportation, which could have been dangerous. Asmar said the moving of the trip to the ranch keeps all students together, and will help students stay safe within the camp grounds. 

“The senior class officers were definitely aware of what happened [last year],” senior class officer Josh Park said. “Students did not know what time they had to return to the buses, and some students left without the buses, which became a liability. Having the trip at Circle R. enables the school to keep everyone safe.”

With the added safety changes and having planned for six months, Asmar said she is eager to see the student reaction to the new trip. The students say they have hope for the trip and how they will go about planning the trip. 

“I’m excited to hang out with my friends, but [I wonder] what they have planned for us,” senior Janice Shen said. “I’m imagining sections with frisbee and football, maybe a water balloon fight. I would also think there will be some food.” 

With all of the added changes to the trip, as well as a new senior class, Asmar is excited to usher in a new phase of the senior trip. As a Hebron alum, Asmar said she noticed the change in the senior trip from when she went to Six Flags in 2012.

“We are really excited to see how this goes,” Asmar said. “[The students] just get more freedom. It’s a gigantic field and you can go do whatever you want. You don’t have to wait for anybody.