District hosts temporary flu shot clinic

Caryn Corliss, Staff Writer

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The district will be hosting a flu shot clinic from 5-7 p.m. on Jan.23 at the Student Services Administration Building (400 West Main St., Lewisville) that will be provided by Care Van, a mobile immunization program.

“The populations that are most at risk [for the flu] are the elderly, the very young, and then, anyone with what we call an underlying health condition,” school nurse Cissy Khan said. “Those are the people who we really want to encourage to get the shot.”

Khan said that the flu has had a major impact on the community.

“Dallas County has a really high number of deaths from the flu, and Denton County has had some deaths also,” Khan said. “If we can immunize more people and lessen the severity of the flu, or actually prevent someone from having the flu, you could potentially be talking about saving someone’s life.”

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