Students to compete in art competiton

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The Visual Arts Scholastic Expedition (VASE) will be held on Feb. 15 in Arlington from 9 a.m to 1 p.m. Art students will show off their best work in any medium at the competition with the opportunity to be showcased at numerous art galleries around the state.

“I would say all of the people from our AP class are definitely strong contenders,” art teacher Ellen Kudlicki said. “They have demonstrated a certain skill and understanding to compete.”

The students competing in VASE have said they are prepared for the challenge the contest brings and are ready to learn from the experience, particularly sophomore Min Sin, who has competed twice before.

“[VASE] is a good opportunity for a lot of kids our age, but also very challenging at the same time,” Sin said. “There are so many good artists out there and it’s also a good experience because you get to see other people’s artwork that get different ratings.”

Art students will hear the results at the award ceremony this Saturday.