Don’t Get Us Started: Fall into spring semester transition



  • College apps are over. The seniors are counting: 18 weeks of school until graduation.
  • Spring Break. Sweet freedom.
  • New movies and TV show seasons. *cough cough* “Finding Dory”
  • March Madness makes us go mad.
  • New school supplies. Slide out the #2’s and fresh packets of paper, you’re going to need it.
  • The weekend between semesters that you have no homework. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  • Chaco/shorts season throwback. Dig through your closet and break em’ out.


  • Not enough breaks. Yeah snow days count, but what happened to the two week funfest called Winter Break?
  • 8th grade orientation. Hey look! It’s fresh meat!
  • Meeting new people. All your friends from first semester have mysteriously disappeared.
  • AP Testing and SATs. Motivation is at zilch. No one remembers anything from that English or math class taken a year ago.
  • Too hot. With the heat comes the itchy mosquito bites and annoying bees. Don’t even mention the wasps.
  • Valentine’s Day. To all the single people: it’s okay.