Q&A: Seniors reflect on what they will miss about high school


With the school year coming to a close, seniors reflect on their most cherished memories over four years of high school.


Shahana Dutt, Minnesota University

“I’m mainly going to miss my friends because they’ve seen me grow as a person through high school and we’ve [made] so many fun and meaningful memories (especially [during] lunch). I’m really gonna miss all the vine references that we made and [the way we checked] in on each other on a regular basis. I’m really going to miss my time in choir because that’s where I’ve made most of my friends. The best part about [choir] is [how]we’re all extremely passionate about singing and performing, and it’s cool to hear the music we create.”



Nathan Subramaniam, University of Texas at Austin

“[I am going to miss] all of my friends. I’ve made the most amazing friends at Hebron despite being here for only two and half years, and I’ve been able to make so many unforgettable memories with them, so it’s sad that we won’t see each other everyday. I’ll miss DFC because I’ve been a part of it for three years and this year was very special to me because I was able to choreograph [dances] for the pep rallies and the Silver Wings Highlights [show]. Dancing with my best friends is something I’ll really miss at Hebron.”




  Issac Ke, Texas A&M University

“I’m going to miss all the wonderful friends I’ve made and the memories we all made as we all went through this journey together. I’m going to miss being in the Hebron orchestra because that is where I found my closest group of friends and where I made the best memories creating music and sharing fun times.”






Emily Bell, Oklahoma University

“[I am going to miss] getting to see my friends everyday. I’ll miss PALS (Peer Assistance and Leadership) the most because of all the people I’ve grown close to and getting to mentor at elementary schools.”







Joel Mathew, Texas Tech University

“[I am going to miss] my old friends and the new ones I have made this year and have gotten really close to. [I am also going to miss] choir. Music has been a part of my life since I was five and some of my closest friendships are with my choir family.”






Katherine Bias, El Centro Community College

“I’m going to miss the community aspect [of Hebron]. I’ll miss always having someone to talk to and people to encourage me at all times.”







Sammy Alivernia, Texas A&M University

“I’ll definitely miss all of the friends I’ve made over the years at Hebron. I’ve been able to meet so many amazing and talented people from this school, and the relationships I’ve made with them are irreplaceable. I’ll definitely miss the Hebron Orchestra. Our orchestra is incredibly unique and truly feels like a one-of-a-kind family. We all take care of each other and work hard to make our orchestra a family.”