Best Dressed


Illustration by: Yasmin Haq

Growing up, I was always playing dress up, getting into my mom’s makeup, or playing hairstylist, which often led to one of my siblings getting a very bad haircut.

As I’ve gotten older, my passion for style has only grown. While clothes and makeup have always served as a consistent interest for me, it is a constantly changing industry. 

The purpose of this blog is to highlight the achievements of the fashion industry while also exposing standards that can be improved. I want to draw attention to the ways the fashion industry is always evolving by showcasing the effects of current trends. It’s important to me that such an influential industry utilizes its platform to create positive change in our society by addressing issues like diversity, gender bias and sustainability. 

Having fashion and visual arts as a creative outlet has helped me grow and learn so much over time. I really hope this blog shares my passion with others while also educating people about how fashion is more than superficial frivolity.