Virtual school offers benefits to students


Grace Edgeworth

Junior Claire Clausen chose to do virtual school this year. She works on school work from her room Thursday night.

After seeing the options for school this year, I decided to do virtual-plus so I could continue playing volleyball. Since then, I have experienced the benefits of doing school work at home. Of course, there are pros and cons to virtual learning, but the freedom to get work done at a time that works best for me, while still making school my first priority, is far more enjoyable than being in a classroom.


I am able to come home after waking up at 5 a.m. for volleyball and take a nap because I can complete my school work for second period at any time throughout the day. When students wake up early and don’t have time to rest their mind and body, it can take a toll on their ability to focus while doing classwork. With virtual school, students have time to get the sleep they need, so they are able to focus on school more, which I have found to be true with my virtual schedule.


Another thing I have witnessed from virtual learning is the amount of time wasted in in-person school. Busy work is given in many classes to take up the rest of time in class, but at home, students are able to choose how to spend the time left over after completing assignments. 


Meetings for virtual classes take place at least twice a week, although a lot of teachers do not take up the entire class time, giving students more time to get work done early in the day. This flexibility can open up creative opportunities for students to find hobbies they enjoy and involve them in activities that make them feel relaxed, rather than overwhelmed by an overload of work. This can be especially rewarding to students with busy schedules who can get more sleep at night than they would in in-person school.


Some may argue that many students will not spend their time wisely at home, and it depends on the student. However, the students that do spend their time at home wisely can see the benefits I have experienced. Eight hours is a long time for a student to stay focused on school, but when students work at their own pace, they can incorporate breaks to regain their energy and focus.


With how I spend my time completely in my control, I feel more independent. I have been able to meet with friends at Starbucks to study on weekday mornings, and I feel lucky to be able to do that; my school day has freedom and I’m able to get assignments done in a setting that makes me feel energized and motivated. For some students, including me, school can be mundane and boring with walking the same halls and sitting in the same seats each day. In virtual learning, students can change up their academic environment based on what makes them feel their best. 


Virtual options may not be the best option for everyone; whether they prefer in-person school for social or academic reasons, but the benefits it offers could transform a student’s school life for the better. With a sense of increased independence that virtual learning gives me, I’m being prepared for time management needed in college and a future career. This goes to show that when students can mix a beneficial lifestyle with school, they are able to prepare for their future, improve their mental health and create a fitting, timely schedule for themselves.