Rest with Romance


Graphic by Rahma Shaikh

Throughout my life, I’ve found myself wanting an escape from reality. In November 2021, I started reading romance books and realized that it not only helped me mentally, but also helped with my confidence. Reading became part of my daily routine and I find myself enjoying it more as the days go by. It benefited me intellectually and mentally, and made me more comfortable with my identity. I gained a knowledge of understanding people’s personal perspectives and an appreciation for the art of reading, and I want others to have that same experience.

Reading has become a source of comfort for me. I love sharing my favorite books with people, seeing their reactions and listening to them talk about their favorite parts for hours. This blog is dedicated to reviewing my top romance suggestions that’ll have you captivated and flipping each page quicker than the one before. Each post will include a brief summary of the book and comments on what I liked and disliked. As someone who was able to find their passion through reading, I hope people will be able to gain a new hobby from this and find something they want to dedicate their time to.