Rest with Romance: “From Lukov with Love” will be worth your time


Graphic by Rahma Shaikh

I’ve always loved variety and a unique dynamic between characters in books. After hearing such positive reviews about “From Lukov with Love” written by Mariana Zapata, I decided to read it and it soon became one of my favorite books.

The book follows ice skater Jasmine Santos and her struggle dealing with the fact that her career is coming to an end. When Ivan Lukov, her rival and the brother of her best friend, offers her a partnership in the next competition, she simply can’t resist and ends up taking the offer. However, confused feelings and ambiguous banter arise between the two, and Jasmine doesn’t know how to deal with the possible romantic interest blooming.

Rahma Shaikh

There wasn’t a dull moment in this book. Jasmine is such a complex character, and you learn to love her the more the book progresses. The silly banter and subtle moments between Ivan and Jasmine were so special to me and they’ve easily become one of my favorite book couples. 

Jasmine’s life at home and her struggles fitting into her family were a big part of her character, and I loved how real she was depicted. I loved the character-driven parts of the book, and they made me more open to books focused more on characters, rather than plot. 

“From Lukov with Love” had me hooked from the first page, and I struggled to step away from it. I loved the characters and their relationships so much that the long read was definitely worth it.