Rest with Romance: “You Deserve Each Other” will have you laughing and smiling down at its pages


Graphic by Rahma Shaikh

My reading history in romance literature has been full of books on different types of relationship dynamics. None of them were able to live up to the hilarity and timeless romantic theme provided by “You Deserve Each Other,” written by Sarah Hogle. 

The book follows Naomi Westfield and Nicholas Rose and the struggle they go through to maintain their engagement after their relationship goes astray. They begin pulling a series of pranks on each other to see who would call off the wedding first, but as the book progresses, the couple learns how to properly communicate. Thus, Naomi and Nicholas come to the realization that they do not want to break off their relationship and instead work on healing as a couple going forward.

This book was one of the most interesting reads I’ve had. Reading Naomi’s point of view was really intriguing, solely because of her mindset on how she thought her relationship with Nicholas had failed. Observing her character development, which then led up to her discovering what truly went wrong with her and Nicholas was also interesting, because there were so many moments where she began to notice things that they both could have fixed to be better for one another.

Rahma Shaikh

Sarah Hogle did an excellent job with the characterization of Naomi and Nicholas, providing a relatable duo for readers to digest and appreciate. At the beginning of the book, the flaws the two respectively have are clear, and it became frustrating at times for me, as the reader, because I was craving the moment where they realized their own faults and would begin to communicate their true feelings with each other. However, toward the end of the book, they ultimately began to grow together — both as individuals and in their romantic relationship — and the ending left me relieved and satisfied beyond my expectations. 

Hogle’s inclusion of hilarious yet sweet moments made the piece much more enjoyable. There were rarely any dull moments throughout the chapters; I found myself laughing out loud as I progressed through the book. The extreme lengths Naomi and Nicholas would go to spite each other were so fun to read about that I truly never wanted it to end. The way in which the pranks were harmless but made out to be a big deal made me want to keep flipping the pages to see what else they would come up with; for example, Nicholas buying Naomi flowers and tricking her into thinking they were poisonous. The sweet and romantic themes all throughout the book were so adorable that I could not stop smiling as I read on. 

I already had high expectations for “You Deserve Each Other,” after reading all the reviews people had written about it, and those expectations were exceeded. If you are in search of a hilarious yet interesting read, “You Deserve Each Other” is simply the perfect choice.