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Opinion: The Epstein legal documents should be further investigated

Alexander Cha
From Jan. 3 to Jan. 5, hundreds of pages of never before seen legal documents were released regarding infamous financier and pedophile Jeffery Epstein.

From Jan. 3 to Jan. 5, hundreds of pages of never before seen legal documents were released regarding infamous financier and pedophile Jeffery Epstein. 

In these flight log documents, the names of many powerful celebrities and politicians were listed as potential associates of Epstein, as well as guests of the child trafficking spot, aptly named Epstein Island. However, despite the documents being unveiled, many of Epstein’s associates have yet to see investigations or the consequences for their alleged actions. 

Though kept under wraps for years, many of his associates are powerful politicians and celebrities that should be held accountable, and prevented from further having the power to exploit more people.

A prime example of why authorities should be further investigating those named within the Epstein documents are the political figures within them. A few notable names included former US presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. They were known to be associates of Epstein’s, as archived by Insider Inc. Both of them have been previously involved in numerous sexual-related scandals. 

Being known degenerates by these scandals, do we, as a society, want to have these people in power? The numerous names disclosed in the documents shed light on the extent of collaboration and negligence that allowed Epstein and his associates’ crimes to occur. With numerous powerful people within these names, it highlights systemic issues within our society and justice system, and we should strive to weed out these problematic figureheads.

Allowing individuals implicated in the Epstein case to go uninvestigated and unpunished perpetuates a culture of impunity within America’s elite. This sends a dangerous message that powerful individuals are exempt from the consequences of their actions, and directly makes the public’s trust in the legal system dubious. As previously mentioned, former president Donald Trump is a well known associate of Epstein, yet due to his wealth and status, continues to live without consequence, as he currently runs in the United States 2024 presidential election. Investigating and reprimanding those involved, regardless of their social status, reinforces the principle that everyone is subject to the rule of law.

We, too, should find justice for the victims of Epstein and his entourage. A large sect of individuals listed in the Epstein legal documents are involved in a variety of egregious crimes, including human trafficking and sexual assault, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Even more harrowing, many have likely been complicit in Epstein’s child sexual abuse.

Investigating and reprimanding these individuals is fundamental to delivering justice to the victims who have endured their suffering at the hands of these inhumane acts. Holding these perpetrators accountable ensures that the survivors of their crimes see the justice system take their experiences seriously and acknowledge the trauma that was forced upon them.

We need to start holding Epstein’s associates accountable for their actions by investigating those named in his documents, as well as punishing those found to be complicit or accomplices in Epstein’s actions. Though the man himself is dead, most of his accomplices are not, and the United States needs to remove these people from power and show that mere status and wealth do not grant immunity to criminal consequences.

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About the Contributor
Alexander Cha, Reporter
Senior Alexander Cha is a reporter and this is his third year on staff. His favorite subject is English and his hobbies include writing stories and playing video games.

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    BlaineFeb 2, 2024 at 5:13 PM

    I absolutely agree> I am surprised and honestly disgusted that nothing has come of these documents already. Unfortunately, I don’t think the public is informed enough and/or doesn’t care enough for things to change.