Mug Mania: French toast failure


This time around, in my cooking adventures, I looked for recipes that could be made in a microwave – specifically in a mug. My main purpose for scouting out these recipes was to minimize both serving sizes and amount of dishes I would have to wash. I succeeded in achieving my goal, but by doing so, I had to compromise on flavor.

The Two-Minute French Toast was true to its name. It’s just too bad it tasted like cardboard. I honestly don’t think that I’m being harsh when I say this: There are no words to describe the disappointment I felt when this recipe turned out to be a major flop. Although I followed the recipe to a ‘T’, I had to make twice as much batter than it instructed even though I had the same serving size of two mugs. When it came to the cooking part, I don’t think my microwave was at fault. The french toast was supposed to be microwaved for one minute and then in increments of 10 seconds, or until the eggs weren’t runny anymore. I microwaved the toast for over two minutes (there goes the name) but it was still hard to tell whether or not it was safe to eat.

By the time I felt it was cooked all the way through, I had microwaved it for a total of five minutes. The whole process, including prep and cooking, took around 10 minutes. It would be so much easier to simply make french toast the regular way instead of trying to cook it in a mug. Flavor-wise, I would give this dish maybe two points out of ten because some bites tasted decent. There was a definite lack of sugar. If you only eat food that looks good, you should definitely stay away from this. There’s nothing attractive about smashed pieces of wet bread in a cup.

In the end, you may as well douse some bread in syrup and eat it because that’s what I ended up doing to this french toast. I’m going to stick to using my handy dandy frying pan as my french toast tool.