Travel bucket list

With Thanksgiving break coming up, we will finally have a week-long vacation from school-related stress. As we get closer to break, I’ve realized some places I really hope to travel to soon.


Tokyo Imperial Palace
Tokyo Imperial Palace


I think Japan is the one place I want to visit the most since I haven’t been to East Asia before, a place with culture and style much different from what I usually see. My family has been interested in taking a vacation there ever since summer break, but we never got around to making a plan. Although, if we were to visit, I’d love to go to the themed cafes they have all over Tokyo. Yes, the cafes. The cafes there are much different than the typical Starbucks. In fact, they have unique-themed cafes: cat, owl, vampire. This is just a tiny fraction of all of the creativity Japan has to offer and I plan to experience it all. My mother, however, is interested in visiting the samurai districts, gardens, and whatever is left of traditional Japan.

Best time to go: During the fall or spring

Places to visit: Mount Fuji, Cat Cafe, Sensō-ji, Nijo Castle, Tokyo Imperial Palace, Gion District, Kyoto


Kangaroo Island



OK, so I went through this whole Australia phase when I was in middle school. I know, how can someone be obsessed with a country? I honestly don’t know; I was an unusual kid, still am. Anyways, I always dreamed about visiting Australia in middle school but I completely forgot why I wanted to in the first place. Maybe it was because I was watching an Australian based show, H2O. Or, because of my pure fascination in the Outback, its wildlife and the fact that the country’s population lies within coastal cities like Melbourne and Sydney. Whatever the reason may have been, I still plan to visit.

Best time to go: June through August (Australian winter)

Places to visit: Great Barrier Reef, Outback, Australia, Great Ocean Road, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Kangaroo Island


Iguacu Falls



After going to Costa Rica, I really wanted to explore more of South America, especially the exotic rainforests. I enjoyed observing the wildlife near the La Paz waterfalls and wanted to interact more with the animals, which the Amazon in Brazil had to offer. During the summer, while I was researching things we could do in Brazil, I came upon something called a jungle cruise across the Amazon river. Ever since, I couldn’t wait to visit.

Best time to go: April to June or August to October

Places to visit:  Iguaçu Falls, Amazon, Anavilhanas Archipelago, Pantanal


Addo Elephant National Park

South Africa


Like Brazil, South Africa has many opportunities to interact with exotic animals. So if I were to go, I’d probably want to go on safaris and visit many national parks. Another thing that sparked my interest was the fact that I haven’t been to the African continent and not many people I knew did either.

Best time to go: April to May or September to October

Places to visit: Addo Elephant National Park, Hermanus, Durban, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Garden Route National Park, Kruger National Park


Valley of the Kings



With the current conditions around this region, I might not be visiting Egypt anytime soon. But, after hearing my mom’s stories about her vacation to Egypt, it’s made its place at the top of my travel list. My mom went with her family when she was around my age, so it might not be the same Egypt she left years ago. Even then, just watching her expressions as she described her time there gives me a feeling that I’d enjoy that place, too. I’d definitely visit the great Egyptian pyramids and enjoy the delicious Middle Eastern cuisine it has to offer.

Best time to go: Around September or March

Places to visit: Great Sphinx of Giza, Valley of the Kings, Marsa Alam lagoons, Siwa Oasis