Magnified: Celebrity Conspiracies


Celebrities have always impacted society with various decisions they make and the influences they have. Now, society is impacting the lives of celebrities through conspiracy theories.

First off, we have the legendary musician Stevie Wonder. Many conspiracy theorists claim that Wonder is not blind. In fact they believe he faked being blind to get more support when he started his career. Then, he got stuck with the act as the years went on. There have been incidences where he looked like he could see. One was during a performance where he kept a microphone stand from falling. Another one was where he took footage for TMZ (Thirty Mile Zone) and angled the camera toward the audience correctly.

Let’s all go back to our childhood for a second. Most of us remember the movie The Parent Trap. In the movie, the actress Lindsay Lohan is claimed to have played two characters, Hallie Parker and Annie James. The theory suggests that Lohan had a twin sister who acted in the movie alongside her, except she was in a car crash before the movie was released. This led the production team to tell everyone that Lohan is the one who played both parts.

As a result of the tragic accident of her sister, Lohan began acting out. This explains her troubled relationship with her parents and family. They went along with the whole act, because they wanted the film to be released.

A popular theory went around that Beyonce actually faked her pregnancy. Back in 2012, Beyonce announced her pregnancy to the whole world during the VMA’s. Some skeptical people didn’t believe the word due to the abruptness of the news. Then as time went on, Beyonce appeared on a TV program and her stomach just went flat. Yes, flat.

Beyonce later went public and responded to these rumors by saying they were wrong, which is unusual for her. She never responds to rumors, so this seemed a bit out of the ordinary.

A sensitive, yet deep conspiracy is that the CIA actually assassinated Bob Marley. Marley, a social change activist, was spreading his views through his music and was believed to be influencing the Jamaican public.

In December 1976, Marley and his family was attacked by three gunmen, alleged CIA agents. Later he went on tour and during a gifting session, receiving a pair of boots. While putting on the boots, he cut his toe and while inspecting it, he saw a piece of copper embedded in the toe. Later when he went to the doctor, they concluded that it was cancerous. Marley refused to have it amputated and the cancer spread throughout his body. On May 11, 1981, Marley died due to cancer in his lungs. Since then, many people have thought that the CIA gave the copper embedded boots to Marley, spreading a toxin that led to the cancer that killed him.

Conspiracies and celebrities have been going hand-in-hand for a long time. Together they have changed many minds and influenced skeptical people. Sometimes they can be bogus, other times they unveil the truth.