Momentos en Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun, along with other big cities along the coast of Mexico, are best known for two things: their beaches and their resorts.

It’s not that I’ve been to a lot of resorts, but from what I’ve seen, the one’s in Mexico are something you can’t miss out on. During my time there, I enjoyed walking out of our hotel and stepping right onto the beach while making a pitstop at a complimentary snack house, which was conveniently placed right on the beach.

I remember this being more of a relaxing trip where we really didn’t plan to go out sightseeing. We just went from resort to resort to check out what they all had to offer and relaxed on the beach. While taking full advantage of the unlimited amount ice cream and nachos we could enjoy during our stay, of course.

Yusra Waris and her brother play a round of pingpong.

I loved how many activities there were for families to enjoy within the resort. My favorite part was laying down in one of the many hammocks which were placed throughout the resort, and then joining my brother in playing a game of pingpong near the small souvenir stalls. Even though we sucked at it, it was fun playing around and making videos to record our awkward yet amusing games.

That was pretty much what we did during our time there. Well, that and our failed attempt at whale watching, and perusing through of the many markets outside the vicinity of the hotel.

To be honest, I don’t know why we even went whale watching. Whale watching season in Cabo starts around Dec. 15 and we went around spring break. So, of course we didn’t see any whales, but at least we got to see a family of sea otters having a good time. Other than that, the short boat ride was really unique because the bottom of the boat was made of glass, so we could look down and observe the marine life.

Alongside that, we got to tour around the secret beaches inside the little cave islands out on the coast of Mexico. My favorite was the Pirate Cave, since it didn’t remotely look close to one, or at least from the angle that I was looking at it. Looking at the number of private islands evenly spread out from Cabo San Lucas, I really hoped our stay would be longer or that we brought our friends along to enjoy them without clashing with other groups.

Obviously there’s nothing much to do in resort areas such as this one, other than to chill on the beach and to try new food. And we did just that. Although, I do prefer the stress of travelling and fitting in all of the keypoints of a place into a couple of days in place of relaxing trips like this.