Magnified: Christmas Legends


Once again, we’re drawing near to the merry time of year: Christmas. Even with the bipolar weather in Texas, the state might get some chilly temperatures. Families gather around the fireplace and exchange presents while drinking hot cocoa and telling stories.

Now, we all know and love Jolly St. Nick, aka Santa Clause, the jolly ol’ soul who climbs down the chimney and leaves presents for all the good boys and girls. Well what if we look at this from a dark, morbid point of view?

It is thought that Santa reflects Satan. Santa has powers that seem supernatural. He dresses in red, presumably Satan’s favorite color. Santa’s name can be rearranged to spell, Satan. These are just some obvious signs, but what is interesting is the actual day of Christmas. Many conspiracy theorists think that Satan is trying to distract us from the true meaning of Christmas: the birth of Jesus Christ.

Another theory that revolves around Santa is that his image came from Coca-Cola. In 1931, artist Haddon Sundblom drew Santa for Coca-Cola, which later became popularized in society. This is a theory that can’t be true, because of the literary pieces that have come before the illustration. Many poems and religious stories have described Santa as an old man wearing red and white.

A famous character derived from Santa is the Krampus. It is a European legend saying that Krampus is the anti-Santa coming to enforce good behavior on children. Many people have started to dress up like Krampus and have annual parades in Europe and America.

Candy canes have always been a famous treat during the holiday season. The shape of the Candy cane closely resembles a ‘J,’ which some people believe is representing Jesus. You know, when I heard this I realized how far conspiracy theorists take everything.
There have been many urban legends revolving around Christmas throughout the years as parents began making up stories. These tales are always interesting to listen to in the winter time, or anytime for that matter, and they’ll always be around.