Vestige Knowledge: Research Gear Shift


I have decided to delve into the depths of information relating to the Illuminati, global government, history and current events. It is my calling to find the truth and bring my discoveries to the attention of other people. Much of the information I have discovered comes from books, the internet and personal experiences. Every day, I come across things that relate back to my research.

Here in Texas, throughout 2017, I have seen loads of information reinforcing research done by myself and others prior to 2009. From government and corporate spying,to other events similar to the Franklin Coverup and Dutroux Affair, to hidden technologies and many other events; last year was insane. Also included in last year’s major events was the large amount of people waking up. Some compare` the waking up process to taking the red pill from Morpheus in the movie The Matrix. Everyone is on their own path, and if you have been reading Vestige Knowledge, you have already taken the red pill.

I have taken the liberty to introduce the reader to many topics of my own interest. I deal with as many facts as possible, but many things crucial to my research remain unknown, hidden or obscured with unknown or disinformation. Some may think I only deal with conspiracy theories, but that is absolutely false, because any theory I may have presented is and will be based off solid facts. My articles have served as an introduction for anyone to take a look behind the veil of the mainstream media and school curricula.

For the rest of my articles, I will make an effort to research specific topics relating to my foundational articles. With this I will also try to focus on current events since I have noticed a lack of information regarding the Illuminati’s activities. The very word Illuminati has been convoluted so much that the Illuminati I am speaking of is different than many peoples’ connotations of the word.

On the Illuminati aspect of my research, according to author Fritz Springmeier, the Illuminati has consisted of seven bloodlines since 2009, four of which we now know. Prior to 2009, the Illuminati consisted of 13 bloodlines. These families were, Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn and the 13th Holy Merovingian with an additional two: Reynolds and Krupp. Springmeier explained the Illuminati leadership had been passed down to an obscure man named William Cornelius Van Duyn in 2009. The Illuminati went through major reorganization when the leadership was passed to William Van Duyn in Gstaad, Switzerland. According to Springmeier and his contact with the hierarchy, William Cornelius Van Duyn took over the Illuminati in 2009; he and the newer generation continued and increased the “externalization of the hierarchy” but took it in a different direction. He extensively pruned the Illuminati structure, removed multiple clubs and organizations like the Skull and Bones Society, Scroll and Key Society, and other fraternal organizations. An example of the families which have been kicked out are the Collins, Li and Bush families; I’m sure the Clintons are among them as well. He also disbanded the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), stripped the power from the Committee of 300 and got rid of all the people that weren’t contributing. Also, something very remarkable, he moved back toward the philosophy of Adam Weishaupt.

If any of this is true, this has major implications and is crucial to understanding what the Illuminati is today. Some of the continuities have been the depopulation agenda and the influence of the Bilderberg Group.

The Illuminati now consists of seven bloodlines; the four we know are Rockefeller, du Pont, Rothschild, Van Duyn, and the Merovingians. I will be going into all of this and more in coming articles.