Magnified: Government Encounters


After a long break from “Magnified,” I have found new interests that sparked my wanting to write about mysteries, conspiracies and much more. So here’s an addition to the list of entertainment that came your way through “Magnified.”  

As much as I respect the government and the role it plays in regulating our everyday lives, there has always been something that made me question its reach in society. From controlling citizens to wartime experiments, the government has had a prevalent role in most things that affect the everyday person, and it makes me wonder if in fact they are simply using citizens as pawns.

  1. “Psychochemical Bomb” – In the year 1994, a U.S. Air Force laboratory explored the idea of using a non-lethal weapon full of female pheromones to make the enemy soldiers sexually irresistible to each other, leading to havoc on the battlefield. Although the psychochemical method was not used, the idea that the government attempted to take advantage and change the sexuality of the enemy soldiers gives me the creeps. Rather than fighting, the government attempted to psychologically win a battle — mind-blowing.
  2. “MK-Ultra” – In the 1950s, the CIA had been approved to test biological and chemical materials, which ultimately turned into a human experiment fiasco. They prioritized “mind control” using hypnosis, electro-shock therapy, radiation, drugs, toxins and chemicals. Their subjects of testing were commonly mentally unstable people. The CIA, having such an inhumane aspect to it, makes me wonder what has carried over to our world now. Are these experiments in the past…Or were they just getting started?
  3. “Alcohol Poisoning” – During the 1920s, the Eighteenth Amendment was implemented in order to control the alcohol consumption of citizens by prohibiting it. After multiple cases of bootleggers stealing industrial alcohol used in manufacturing, the government made alcohol completely undrinkable by adding extremely poisonous substances like kerosene, methyl alcohol, gasoline, and acetone. Many people still drank the substance, and over 100,000 people died. Although the intention for the action was for the benefit the public, the result it led to was catastrophic.

I dove into this blog trying to find conspiracy theories on the government, and ended up with these government encounters. Although there can still be a speculation on the validity of the stories, everything I have compiled, only makes me question the truth of everything.

These are just some of the stories that may have occurred in the past. Because of stories like this, our government has been viewed in a skeptical eye by citizens. I guess we’ll never know what truly goes behind the scenes when it comes to government affiliations, but we can look twice before believing things we see in the media.