New singles by indie rock band will ungrind your “Greer”s


“All That’s Left Behind/Lullaby For You” Cover

Indie rock band Greer released two singles March 3, titled “All That’s Left Behind” and “Lullaby For You.” 

Made up of four members just out of high school, Greer is a relatively small band with an alt-rock sound similar to popular artist Rex Orange County, mixed with the rock aspect of Weezer. The band formed in November 2018, but debuted in 2019 with the single “Song For Me.” Their audience gradually grew, and Greer currently has around 325,000 monthly listeners. 

I first discovered Greer after the release of their single “Aeroplane” in May 2020. One thing I love about the band members is how personable they are. Their smaller audience allowed them to make YouTube videos and Spotify playlists for their fans at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

The band released its first five song EP July 2020, which did not disappoint. I had been a huge fan of their singles, so this was one of the only EPs or albums I’ve ever stayed up until midnight for, out of excitement, to hear right when it came out. The name of the EP, “Lullaby For You,” raised interest in fans, as no songs by Greer had that name. Fans were left to wonder where the title came from. 

The release of the song “Lullaby For You” was long anticipated. This song discusses the drummer Lucas’ late girlfriend Emma Greer, who the band is named after as a tribute.  While being an emotional tribute to Greer, “Lullaby For You” was more upbeat than “All That’s Left Behind,” but still one of the slower songs in Greer’s discography.

“All that’s Left Behind” was one of the first songs Greer ever wrote as a band, and before its official release, could be found in a YouTube video from 2018 called “Meet Greer.” Probably my new favorite song by Greer, “All That’s Left Behind” is catchy and mellow. It is probably the slowest song “Greer” has released, yet I can’t wait to drive down the highway screaming the chorus at the top of my lungs. 

These singles were two of Greer’s more mellow, slow songs they have written and released. The band has a pretty continuous chill-rock sound that these two new songs pursue, and the emotional singles were executed flawlessly.