Does the amount of homework correlate with stress students take?


Does the amount of homework correlate with stress students take?


Freshman Abigail Buscemi: “Yes, because the more homework I have, the less time I have to worry about my other life stresses. I don’t have as much time to cool off and prepare for theater, which I also have.”

Sophomore Jacob Kimbel: “Yes actually, when I have more homework I do feel like I get a lot more stressed out because I worry about finishing it and like running out of time before I finish it.”

Senior Kimberly Morrison: “Yes, stress is also like how much emphasis you put on to yourself about how much you care about the subject, so it’s not a direct correlation. But I do think for a lot of people if you have a lot more homework, and you do care a lot about the class, it can put stress on you.”

English 3 teacher Cindy Thakady: “Yes, because kids have to balance so much outside of their school life and it’s like their home responsibilities like chores, and then a part time job or extracurricular activities. While I believe extra practice in some areas is important, the homework has to be meaningful to their regular assignments and like learning, not just extra work.”

Senior Matthew Bowler: “Yes, if there’s more homework then there’s more stress because home is where you relax, and whenever you’re stressing about school outside of school it doesn’t really help you relax.”

Junior Catherine Weidert: “Yes, because I’m already tired after school, and my brain is dead. So why would I want to do more work?”


Freshman Makena Butler: “No, because I have a lot of homework but I have ways to deal with the stress. I have homework, but it doesn’t cause stress as long as I do it.”

Sophomore Long Nguyen: “No, not really. I don’t feel any stress on my homework because I can use my notes and technology to help me and understand better.”

Sophomore Sunjong Yun: “No, not for me because you can just quit if you’re annoyed.”

AP human geography teacher Kelley Ferguson: “I think that homework has a correlation to stress when students don’t time manage correctly, and when it’s combined with an abundance of extracurricular activities and the pressure to perform well and succeed and get into a good college. So homework on it’s own, no.”