Orchestra to hold concert on Oct.19


Photo by Yasmin Haq

Sophomore April Nguyen practices for the concert along with other students. She plays the viola in symphonic orchestra.

Orchestra will perform its fall concert at 7:00 p.m. on Oct.19 in the auditorium.

The theme is “Myths and Legends” and includes music from “Game of Thrones,” “World of Warcraft” and “Gladiator.”

“My goal is always to pick music so that everyone can have a favorite piece,” orchestra director Matthew Cautivar said. “It makes for a great discussion after the concert.”

Sophomore Zoya Niazi plays the violin on symphonic orchestra, and said the hardest song for her to learn was “Lion City,” because it’s much faster than the other pieces.

There [are] always those pieces that are really easy to learn, and those pieces that are not so easy,” Niazi said. “Especially with tempo changes and all. [“Lion City] starts slow and gets faster, so it’s stressful when you have to go faster, because those minor mistakes you make are magnified. That’s what’s stressing a lot of people out.”

Orchestra has been working on some of the pieces since the beginning of the school year; this is the first concert of the year.

“It is really exciting,” Niazi said. “Getting to hear the orchestra in the auditorium, [is] different than it is in the class, and knowing that you worked hard for it.”