School implementing changes after shooting at football game


photo by Yasmin Haq

A man was shot outside of the stadium on September 27 during the JV game. There will be security at the JV games for the rest of the season.

In response to an incident at the JV Football game on Sep. 27 that resulted in a man being shot, the school will be making changes to ensure security at home football games.

“No one would ever expect someone to ever get shot at Hebron High School down at the stadium, but at the same time I don’t believe the staff and parents are naive about what goes on in our country now,” principal Scot Finch said.

Starting with the game on Oct. 3 against Coppell, security personnel will be present at every JV game for the rest of the season. Additional officers will be present at varsity home games.

“We’re just looking at this year right now,” Finch said. “We haven’t really talked about the future. One thing we have that other school districts don’t have [is] five stadiums. We have to talk to the five schools who run those stadiums to try to get everybody on the same page.”

Backpacks as well as food and drink are no longer allowed at the stadium, and visitors are highly encouraged to sit on the visitor side instead of the home side.

“I think everybody understands [why we are making these changes],” Finch said. “The adults and students both are going to understand this dynamic, but everybody has their opinions. I really don’t see this being an issue as far as anybody grumbling about these expectations. Everybody knows what happened last Thursday and everybody is going to welcome [these changes] I believe.”

Despite the shooting being on campus, no students were involved or injured. Finch said the attendance at school on the Friday after was relatively normal.

“I hope the other part of it was that our students, staff, and parents in our community believe we work very hard to make sure our school is safe,” Finch said. “We’re always concerned about that.”