Students to compete at VASE regionals on Feb 9


Sophomore Claire Song works on her VASE piece. All VASE competitors have to name their piece and do an eight-minute long interview with a juror.

41 students will compete at Regionals for VASE (Visual Arts Scholastic Event)  on Feb. 9 at Timber Creek High School.

Students can enter up to two pieces, which will be evaluated by a juror through an interview.

“[Students] have to answer questions knowledgeably and they have to explain their concept, idea and technique, and they get a score,” art teacher Jennifer Russell said. “If they receive a score of four or higher, they move on to Area.”

Once pieces move on to Area, they are put on a gallery floor to be chosen for State. If pieces do not make it to State, they can be put on display in the District art show, which opens Feb. 15 and runs from Feb. 19-23.

“Principals get to come and give a principal award, which is pretty cool,” Russell said. “So [principal Scot] Finch gets to choose somebody from Hebron High School to win an award.”

Russell said this year there are a lot of underclassmen competing compared to previous years.

“I think we have a good group of kids going,” Russell said. “We have, I feel, more kids going this year than we did last year and so quantity-wise it’s good. We have a high number of underclassmen going, so in the previous years, I’ve had a high number of juniors and seniors going. This year, we have a lot of sophomores and juniors going, so it might be a growing year for us.”