Silver wings to perform at annual spring show


Photo by Mitchell Mayhaw

Silver Wings captain Corinne Kiesling poses with the rest of her team before starting a dance during rehearsal. The seniors will be spotlighted more in the show, as it is their last one before they graduate. “We really want to make our show the best we can, especially for the seniors,” Kiesling said.

The Silver Wings will have its annual spring show “Highlights 2021” from April 28 – May 1 in the auditorium. 

 “We feel really good about the show,” junior Audri Fleming said. “Our dances are pretty solid right now, but we’re a little nervous it’s going to be canceled because of everything that’s happened.”

The theme of the show is “The Power of Words” and each dance will correspond to a famous quote. Director Anne Bowling said the theme was chosen due to everything that’s happened with COVID-19. 

“We don’t know how long [COVID-19] is going to be here, and we could have to take precautions for the rest of our lives,” Bowling said. “The whole point is that we have to figure out how to keep going because we can’t just isolate ourselves and stay home forever. That’s impossible.”

Changes will be implemented to the show to follow safety precautions such as smaller audiences seated in pairs. There won’t be participation from other organizations and the daddy-daughter dance will be videotaped instead of in-person.

“Tickets are mostly for family, but everyone is allotted a certain amount of tickets and we can disperse those however we want,” Silver Wings captain Corinne Kiesling said. “[The show] is different because we don’t have fillers in between our dances from other organizations, so it’s strictly just us. We have [small] senior spotlights for each senior in between each dance instead.”

The team started practicing their dances during the fall semester. Rehearsals take place before school until the end of first period.

“We started [practicing] pretty early because we were going to do a contest in February, but that was canceled,” Fleming said. “We also have all state rehearsals so we’re here at 6:45 a.m. and on the stage till 9:30 a.m. It’s insane.”

Last year, the spring show was canceled due to COVID-19, and seniors at that time were unable to perform at their last show.

“Part of the sadness is that those girls didn’t get to finish, and it breaks my heart because we worked really hard to that point,” Bowling said. “We weren’t ready to perform, but we were very close and it just didn’t have closure. Those girls just didn’t get their last moment.”

Keisling said the team is working extra hard to perfect the dances this year, especially for the seniors.

“I feel like we’re pumped since we didn’t get a show last year,” Keisling said. “This is like our thing. It’s the best part of the year and what we look forward to, so we’re really excited just to get on the stage and perform for everyone.”