Hebron Theatre Improv to perform “Funny Side Up” Dec. 1


Sarosh Ismail

Seniors Daeja Young and Kaamil Thobani lead the Hebron Theatre Improv in its practice after school on Nov. 29. They started practice by playing the first game they plan on performing, called “Freeze.”

Hebron Theatre Improv will host its fall show, “Funny Side Up,” for the first time in two years on Dec. 1 in the auditorium at 7 pm. 

“I am most looking forward to working with people I haven’t [worked with] before,” senior Madelyn Arriola said. “Practices have been going well, and we’re just getting into the feel of it.”

The show is solely managed by the members of Hebron Theatre Improv, which is a select group of students currently in a theater class. Seniors Daeja Young and Kaamil Thobani are the captains.

“Kaamil and I lead the team, and we don’t have any help from the directors,” Young said. “[We hold] practices, and we critique each other on what to do and what not to do. One of the main rules of improv is not to say no, so we hold each other accountable.”

The show is made up on the spot with no script and relies on audience participation.The admission price is decided with the roll of a dice. 

“Since its improv, it doesn’t really have a structure,” Arriola said. “We’re focusing a lot more on our short form which is quick, witty remarks, fast-paced action and short scenes.” 

The show consists of short games  that are played by performers who are spontaneously chosen. The games themselves are chosen on the spot by drawing from a bowl. 

“Nothing is [planned] beforehand,” Young said. “[The show is] us acting out scenes with no preparation — it’s an hour full of fun [that will make] you laugh.”